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Heartstrings: Room in Your Heart But Not in Your Home

Bella: Inspiration for the Program

Bella was a beautiful soul who was the inspiration behind the Heartstrings Pet Sponsorship Program.

This stately Russian Blue was originally adopted from Animal Aid, but after four years of providing love and companionship to her family, they decided in January 2006 that they no longer wanted her.

As with any pet adopted from us, we gladly accepted Bella back and hoped that we would be able to find her a family that would actually love her forever. Unfortunately, it was immediately apparent that our little girl was in ill health.

Bella was diagnosed with advanced kidney failure. She began a special diet and daily regimen of subcutaneous fluids (sub Q’s). Bella was a real trouper – she never made a fuss and endured endless needle pricks and prods. (This therapy consists of fluids that are administered through a needle that is inserted under the cat’s skin.) We still had hope that Bella would be going to a home of her own, but due to her medical needs, we knew that it would be difficult to find one that could commit to the daily care she required.

Bella happily spent her days on her favorite perch by the window soaking up the warm sunshine and the attention from the various volunteers who found her so special. She continued to do well with her treatment until the spring of 2007 when her health took a downturn. It became apparent that she might have suffered a stroke – she was no longer able to climb onto her favorite spot and her eyesight was greatly diminished.

Sadly, by the beginning of July, Bella’s health and quality of life led to the decision that her time had come. She was cuddled by one of her caretakers as the vet helped her to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

We so wanted Bella to be a part of this program. The memory of Bella’s gentle yet strong spirit pushes us to continue caring for all pets, including those precious ones who are deemed “unwanted” or “hard-to-place,” but still have lots of love to share.

Please join us in helping pets who need a little extra care by participating in our Heartstrings Pet Sponsorship Program.