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Heartstrings: When There's Room in Your Heart But Not in Your Home

Sponsor Casper!
Click to sponsor Casper click to learn more about CasperI'm Casper and I am one handsome dude! I mean, just look at me. I'm just a bundle of gray and white perfection! How can you possibly resist this face? My eyes scream affection and if that doesn't draw you in, my ďpurr motor" will seal the deal. Nothing makes me happier than a petting session. So if you give me some love, I'll make sure to let you know how much I enjoy it.

Although Iím a great kitty who loves adults, children are overwhelming to me.

Not long after I came to Animal Aid I was diagnosed with diabetes, and I've started getting insulin. While no one likes to get shots, Iím a real trooper, and my insulin shots donít seem to bother me at all. Since Iím so easy to medicate, Iím responding very well. I am eligible for the Helping Hands program from Animal Aid. Please call or email us for details.

This Casper will haunt your heart not your house. Once I'm in your heart, you'll want me in your home. Will you be my new family? I have so much love to give Ė I can't wait to meet you!

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Sponsor Leo!
Click to sponsor Leo click to learn more about LeoLeo is one dreamy creamsicle Ė with lush orange and white fur that is so soft to the touch. He has mesmerizing green eyes that look right into your soul. His deep gaze affirms his intelligence and strong connection with his people.

Leo seeks out attention and if he hasnít caught your eye, he will gently paw you to pick him up and place him in your lap. There he will contently stay for an hour or so, and then itís time to check out the rest of his kingdom. Heís not a needy cat, just one that enjoys companionship with his people. And that companionship includes conversations. Leo will always be there ready to listen and reassure you with a gentle purr.

Leo would do best in a home without any other pets, but with Leo, you couldnít find a better furry companion. This dynamic kitty may be a senior, but he loves playtime as much as a kitten.

This wonderfully handsome boy is eagerly waiting to meet you. Leo will be your new best friend Ė whether you want to cuddle, enjoy a little playtime or just kick back on the couch together Ė heís up for anything. Check out his video and you can see him playing with an Animal Aid volunteer.

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Sponsor Lexie!
Click to sponsor Lexie click to learn more about LexieWoof! I'm Lexie, a petite 15-pound black and white Sheltie/Pomeranian mix.

I got lost and wound up in the county shelter. I waited for quite sometime there to find a home and was getting discouraged. The kind folks at Animal Aid took me in and placed me in a foster home while I wait for my furrever family.

I'm a spry little lady and love to go for walks. I understand some commands and would love to show you what I know. All things go easier with a treat :)! I would do best with an adult only home as the activity with little ones makes me nervous.

I just had a dental and all my teeth came out! Wow! I feel sooo much better. Even though I have no teeth I am able to eat without any problems! The best part is that I won't ever need a dental again ;). Us seniors know how to live with humans as we do not chew shoes and are mellow. I am an affectionate girl who loves to give kisses. My love for you will not grow old and I will be the most devoted and grateful companion when you bring me home. Are you interested in a special girl like me?

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Sponsor Pixie!
Click to sponsor Pixie click to learn more about PixieHi, I'm Pixie! I'm a Domestic Short Hair black cat. I'm a big sweet kitty. I'm very gentle and sometimes talkative! I want to go home with my best friend, Poppy, as we've lived together almost our whole lives.

I love to sit in the windows and peacefully watch the world go by. Sometimes when I'm worried about Poppy I will go find her and check on her. I'm just a mellow and very lovable kitty.

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Sponsor Poppy!
Click to sponsor Poppy click to learn more about PoppyHi, I'm Poppy! I'm a Domestic Short Hair grey female kitty. I'm very affectionate and talkative! I love to give kisses. I want to go home with my best friend Pixie, as we've lived almost our lives together.

I just adore affection and being held! I'm not needy but my favorite thing in the world is to hug and sit in a lap and get lots of love! I enjoy being around Pixie and we also like to play with string toys together sometimes.

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Sponsor Trey!
Click to sponsor Trey click to learn more about TreyHi, I'm Trey! I'm a three-legged young playful Domestic Short Hair black kitty..

Iíve had a rough couple of months as some months ago I lost a leg to injury. I'm still adjusting to life with only three legs but I'm making lots of progress. In fact, sometimes I forget that I only have three legs now Ė especially when Iím playing and chasing toys! Iím quick and agile and get around just fine. Not even tricky things like stairs or cat trees slow me down! When Iím comfortable, Iím also happy to hop into your lap for some quiet pets.

Although Iím a young boy with lots of energy, I can still be a bit shy and it takes me a minute to warm up but once I know you are cool I will follow you around and be your best friend. Iím looking for a quiet home that can help me come out of my shell. I love other cats and would do well in a home with a feline buddy.

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Sponsor Whiskers!
Click to sponsor Whiskers click to learn more about WhiskersI'm such a flirt! I'm Whiskers, the gray and white tabby with the ďcome hitherĒ green eyes. I roll over, I snuggle, I make muffins Ė Iím the kitty with character plus!

Due to a previous injury, I drag one of my back legs a bit, but a purr is a purr and play is play. I put my all into both and I don't let it slow me down Ė just check out the video of me climbing the kitty tree and up onto the highest cabinet. Besides, a little limp adds character to my kitty swagger.

I have a blog! I havenít kept up with it, but you can still learn lots about me. And you really need to check me out Ēplaying ballĒ with my foster mom.

My foster mom is wonderful, but Iím still looking for my perfect forever family. I love getting pets and lots of attention. Other furries tend to get in the way of my awesome demeanor, so itís best that I be the only four-legged furry in the home. But hey, Iím all you need.

I look forward to making your acquaintance and I know that you wonít be disappointed!

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