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Heartstrings: When There's Room in Your Heart But Not in Your Home

Sponsor Casper!
Click to sponsor Casper click to learn more about CasperHi, I'm Casper the friendly kitty! I'm a shorthaired grey and white cat with a sweet disposition. I'm a real muffin man; as soon as I see you, I will start making muffins on my blanket! I love to give head nudges when Iím happy. When I want attention, I may even put my paw gently on your hand as if to say, ďPlease pet me!Ē

Not long after I came to Animal Aid I was diagnosed with diabetes, and I've started getting insulin. While no one likes to get shots, Iím a real trooper, and my insulin shots donít seem to bother me very much. Since Iím so easy to medicate, Iím responding very well, and Iím even starting to lose a little weight.

Although Iím a great kitty who loves adults, children are overwhelming to me.

If you are looking for a loving new friend who is generous with head nudges and muffins, come see me!

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Sponsor Chloe!
Click to sponsor Chloe click to learn more about ChloeIím Chloe, the little 12-pound Chihuahua/Pomeranian dynamo with the big brown eyes and a zest for life! Whether you want to go for a jog, go for a walk, or just hang out at home, Iím ready to be your girl.

But Iím more than just a cute, adorable face! Iím so smart that I quickly learned crate training, sit, down and some other commands too! Iím very treat motivated, so there are still lots of tricks for me to learn!

My foster mom says I would be great at agility or flyball because Iíve got these long bouncy legs! Did I mention I can jump? Iím also a great traveling companion because I just love car rides!

Iím cute, smart, healthy, house trained and a very loyal companion. My foster mom says Iím even respectful of the resident kitties. Hereís the thing Ė Iím not fond of strangers whether they are people or other dogs. I just like MY people. Iím actually more scared than anything else. Iím little, after all!

Iím looking for a home where my protective nature is appreciated, and I can show you my love and adoration every day!

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Sponsor Emma!
Click to sponsor Emma click to learn more about EmmaIím Emma! Once you meet me, youíll never forget me! Iím the cute little tortoiseshell kitty with the big voice who loves to talk. My size may be petite, but my personality isnít Ė I love to chatter and I like to know what you are doing.

I love to chase anything with a string. It is just so much fun that I canít resist! I also love a nice session of pets and cuddles. I get so happy and enthusiastic about them, that I might need a snack afterwards!

Once upon a time, I was abandoned and scared, but Iím much happier now that Iím at Animal Aid. I love my foster family, but Iíd really love a special forever home of my own. I promise to keep up my end of the conversation and give you kitty kisses every day.

Iím a special needs cat and I will need hyperthyroid medicine twice a day for the rest of my life. Iím very good about taking my pill, and the medicine is not very expensive. Although Iím a cat who needs a little extra attention, Iím worth it!

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Sponsor Whiskers!
Click to sponsor Whiskers click to learn more about WhiskersMy name is Whiskers. Iím the handsome gray kitty with the white bib and socks, big green eyes and an even bigger heart! Iím an outgoing and fun kitty. Just look at my photos and video to see how I flirt, roll over, snuggle, and make muffins. Iím as playful as I can be considering I canít walk as well as I used to, but more about that later.

Here I am playing and enjoying some petting. Iíve learned to play ball and I think my batting average is up there with the big hitters. Iíve even trained my foster mom how to fetch and throw while I hit it back to her.

I was shot in April 2010. My former owner wasnít nice, but at least he brought me to the shelter. The kind people at Animal Aid took me to a specialist, but the bullet is so close to my spine that it can't be removed. Thatís ok, because with daily massages, I can still get around just fine.

I drag one of my back legs a little bit, but Iím a strong cat and it only slows me down a little. Take a look at this video of me climbing to the highest spot in the room! Pretty impressive, huh?

I have the most wonderful foster mom, but Iím still looking for my perfect forever family. I love getting pets and lots of attention, and I want to be the king of the house. Does your home need a regal king?

I've got a blog! If you want to read my blog, click here, then click on Read More About This Pet.

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