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  • All adoptable animals receive any necessary veterinary care, are current on all vaccinations, treated for parasites, microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to adoption,
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  • Not all animals available for adoption live at our shelter – all of the dogs and several of the cats are in foster homes. To meet these animals, please submit an adoption application. Once it has been reviewed you will be contacted to arrange a meeting.
  • Important: Because we do home visits, we rarely adopt out of our local Portland metro area and we never ship an animal.

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Meet Gina! Gina is a devoted little terrier, looking for the right family to open her heart to. Contact !

Meet Gina

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Gina invites you to help!
Gina invites you to help!

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Meet Gina at ~ Gina is a devoted little terrier, looking for the right family to open her heart to.

Home at last!
Happy Ending! Here are some photos of the puppies over the past week. They are getting along beautifully. We are so, so, so happy to welcome Gina to our family! I think she's feeling quite comfortable in her new digs. Aldridge is really happy to have a sister as well. Gina is enjoying sleeping on the king-sized bed at night, eating lemon cucumbers and summer melons, getting yummy treats from her "grandparents" when they come to visit, and taking long evening walks around the neighborhood with Aldridge. It is abundantly clear that Gina was well loved in her foster home. Gina is such a doll and she brings joy to everyone who meets her. Thank you for working to bring us together. She is a wonderful addition to our family, and we all love her SO much!! :) Best,Nori

Woof! Let me introduce myself. Gina is my name and a forever home is my aim! This past year has been a wild one from someone spray painting my behind to becoming homeless. Even though there have been some not so kind humans in my life, I want to be in love with one because I know everyone is different and I'm hoping I can find my different kind of person all for myself! You see, I can't think of anything better than to be close to my peeps. Whether we're cuddling in bed, snuggling on the couch watching TV or going for a walk (I LOVE WALKS), being near you is all I really want. I know I'm asking a lot and you will get a lot in return. My undying love and loyalty. You'll never find a more grateful or better friend than me.

Some other things about me you should know. I've got manners and know how to sit when asked and I have a cute beauty mark on the top of my head with a matching one on my bum! I am a small 12 pound terrier and do terrier things! We are an active, loyal and protective breed. We let you know if someone is at the door. No door bells needed! I admit I have some baggage but hey, who doesn’t! What I do have is a heart full of love to give you and be a friend who will be by your side no matter what!

Gina is a small-size female whose estimated birth year is 2005. She is adopted, and is currently living with the adoptive family.